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The Auction Process

At Don Behel Realty and Auction Group, Inc. we are fully committed to both buyers and sellers. We work hard throughout the process to see that our auctions are well planned and executed, ensuring complete satisfaction for both buyer and seller. Auctions establish a fair price and keep all interested parties involved in the live bidding process!


In selling your property, you want the most market exposure possible to make sure that all potentially interested buyers are informed of your willingness to sell. At Don Behel Realty & Auction Group, Inc. we develop a marketing plan for each property, choosing the adequate types and amounts of promotional media to be used for each situation. Each property is different and will have a different target market. Therefore, each marketing plan is “case specific” to your property.

In today’s “I want it now!” society, prospective buyers want to know when they are going to get a fair chance to buy your property! Doesn’t it make sense to allow all prospects the same opportunity at the same time? Think about it! At our auctions, all interested parties assemble at the same time in the same place to bid their best offers competitively. It will make you smile when you see multiple buyers fiercely bidding on your property! You and your family will benefit from the auction process!


To date we have conducted over 1250 real estate, equipment, and commercial auctions! In selecting an auction company, a mistake is often made in thinking that no matter who conducts your auction, the results will be the same. This is simply not so! Let us show you what we can do with your property that will enhance your bottom line! Call today for more information about the fast, fun and effective method of selling at auction!

Let Us Plan Your Auction TODAY!!!

Don Behel Realty

Don Behel Realty
Don Behel Realty
Don Behel Realty
Don Behel Realty


At auction, we offer a fair method of buying property that is beneficial to all parties involved in the transaction. All terms of the sale are preset with no contingencies. This simplifies the transaction and removes a lot of the guesswork for both buyers and sellers. The date and time of sale is set well in advance. This gives buyers time to secure financing (if necessary) and time to perform a full evaluation of the sale at hand, allowing them to make an educated buying decision!

Buying at auction is FAST, FUN & EFFECTIVE!!!
Attend our next auction “event” and see for yourself!!!


Don Behel Realty1. “A property offered at auction is one that is distressed to the point that an auction is the last resort”

THE TRUTH: Often times an auction is the first method of sale chosen by the seller! An appropriately promoted auction (generally done in two weeks time) can produce a signed sales contract on auction day with closing as little as 3 days later! That’s a 17 day turnaround! Compare that to some listed properties which stay on the market 100 plus days or maybe even a year before they sell and close. AT AUCTION, YOU SET THE DATE FOR A SIGNED OFFER!

2. “If my property fails to sell at auction I have wasted my time & money”

THE TRUTH: In the rare event of a property not selling on auction day it is usually sold quickly thereafter due to the vast marketing efforts of our auction marketing staff. The exposure your property receives during an auction campaign has a long-lasting effect in the mind of the consumer. Thoughts of your property linger for weeks to come after auction day.

3. “If I choose to auction I must sell regardless of price”

THE TRUTH: Only in an “Absolute Auction” is a seller required to sell. Most often we offer property for sale at auction subject to sellers’ confirmation.


4. “The sellers do not really want to sell; they’re just trying to see how much they can get out of their property”

THE TRUTH: When we book an auction, we take it on the basis of a personally done professional evaluation that the sellers’ expectations of price can be met. We do not take sales in which the sellers’ expectations are unrealistic and unattainable. So, feel confident as a buyer that a property offered at auction by DON BEHEL REALTY & AUCTION is probably going to SELL!

5. “Auctions are too fast and confusing for me as a buyer.”

THE TRUTH: We employ a full staff at our auctions who are each capable of informing you of any items of concern during the sale. Our ring men are trained to breakdown what the auctioneer is saying for you if you have trouble understanding. Our staff operates in a way that keeps you fully informed throughout our auctions!

Attend a Don Behel Realty & Auction “event” soon!!!

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